Pocket DTMF decoder DTMF-16



Specifications of DTMF-16:

Recognizes all BCD tones, #*, ABCD tone *
16 memories
Function for recalling numbers from memory after power-off
Memory erase button
Manual or automatic shift of numbers *
Simple operation with two keys
Built-in microphone
A jack for a telephone line or a weak input
Sliding switch for power on/off.
3-hour operation with one battery.
Extremely small (as big as a matchbox)

Use and

DTMF-16 is used to identify DTMF tones, generated by various communications devices, as are: telephones, hand radio stations and other telecommunication devices. Decoder should be placed close to a sound source or connected via a cable directly to a phone line or a cassette recorder. At activation decoder goes into stand-by and waits for a tone. When the sound arrives, it is immediately decoded and a proper value is displayed on the display and saved to the memory. Once the detection stops, you can read the contents of the tones from the internal memory. Decoder may not properly identify bad recordings.

Number display:
If you wish to display number 2025168, press the button 16 times
and numbers will be displayed sequentially
on the display. Special characters ----- are displayed after the string, making it easier to distinguish the strings. After pressing the button 17-times, numbers will begin to display from the beginning again. If two same numbers display sequentially, you may distinguish between them by pressing the button twice or a large pause with automatic shift.
Attachments, power
Decoder has a socket at the back for a suitable cable, which enables you to connect the decoder directly to the phone line. Phone line works norlally after this procedure and is not loaded. Decoder can also be connected to a tape recorder or another device, capable of producint DTMF. Decoder DTMF-16 is powered by a lithium battery CR 2430, which enables a 3-hours of operation. Power indication is realised by a decimal point on the display, which is simultaneously used to control the buttons (it blinks every time you press a button). Turn off the decoder after use with a switch on the top of the unit.

Technical data:


Size: ........................ 54x40x10mm
Enclosure: ............... Black MS, galvanized
Power: .................... 3V, Lithium battery CR2430
Consumption: .......... 6mA, 3-h operation
Microphone: ............ Built-in electret microphone
Identificator: ............ DTMF decoder, microcontroller

Memory type: ........... EEPROM-NV

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Samo Electronics d.o.o.
January 2002
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